Pilates with Lucy - Healthy HIT Information

"Everyone is the architect of their own happiness" Joseph H Pilates

HIT Pilates Class I am now excited to be able to offer you Healthy HIT® Pilates from the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI).

The popularity of the High Intensity Training (HIT) principle such as INSANITY programmes have been exploding in the fitness world recently. HealthyHIT® Pilates uses HIT principles in combination with traditional mat based Pilates movements.

It is run as a series of classes that works you hard, but crucially teaches you correct technique to ensure you complete the workout in the right way, minimising your risk of injury. The APPI's HealthyHIT® program ensures that those same amazing benefits of the HIT concepts are achieved, but with correct form and function

The workouts are designed to get you cardiovascularly fit and are perfect for those that want to lose weight or to complement existing exercise programs. The class will comprise of 30 second bursts of sweat producing, heart pumping high intensity effort combined with 30 second recovery periods of Pilates based exercises to focus on correct exercise technique and postural education.

This method reduces the risk of muscle and joint overloading that can lead to strain injuries. All the movements are based on existing Pilates movements but taken in a new direction. The HealthyHIT® Pilates program is on its way to changing the face of Pilates!